MORA offer complete civil, hydraulic, environmental engineering and project management services. MORA focus on building developments with the following ‘use and occupancies’

  • Residential
  • Residential Resorts
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Sub Divisons
  • Medical
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Mining
  • Environmental

The Company Is ‘Project’ Orientated Where Each Project Involves:

  • Renovations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Additions
  • New Construction
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Erosion And Sediment Control Plans
  • Effluent Management
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Stormwater On-site Detention
  • Sewer Design (Including Divisions)
  • Sanitary Drainage And Plumbing
  • Trade Waste Drainage And Treatment
  • Water Conservation Schemes
  • Water Supply Services – Hot, Cold, Rain, Non Potable
  • Gas, Solar, Electric, Circulation
  • Fire Hydrant Services
  • Fire Hose Reel Services
  • Earthworks
  • Gas Systems – GAS LPG/ Natural

We offer innovation and economical design serivces, maintaining state of the art design technology. We meet client needs on projects of all sizes and smaller, special design projects.